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Santa Barbara County Food Rescue : a CEC program

What is the complete donation process for a Recipient Organization?

SBC Food Rescue uses Chowmatch to connect food donors with recipient organizations. Follow these steps to complete the donation process:

  • Create a ChowMatch profile for your organization here. Chowmatch will request information about your organization’s needs and storage capacity.
  • ChowMatch will notify your organization of food donation matches in your region.
  • When the food arrives at your organization, check that the container it was transported in is clean, the food packaging is still sealed and there is no evidence of prior storage at improper temperatures.
  • For temperature sensitive items:
    • Immediately take a sample temperature.
    • Please add this temperature to the “Summary” field of your “Food Run” (for example: “Chicken Soup – 38 degrees”)
    • Click Recipient—> select “My Food Runs”—> “My Past Food Runs” —> Click the Pencil Icon – add a temperature sample in the Summary Field and update the pounds as necessary. Click Submit.
  • If the donation received doesn’t match the reported weight:
    • Please weigh the food and update information on the “Food Run” to reflect actual weights.
    • Click Recipient—> select “My Food Runs”—> “My Past Food Runs” —> Click the Pencil Icon – Update the pounds. Click Submit.
  • After temperature and weight have been recorded:
    • Electronically sign the “Food Run” to finish the process.
    • Click Recipient—> select “My Food Runs”—> “My Past Food Runs” —> Click on the check mark icon and submit your electronic signature.

Who can be a recipient?

Nonprofit organizations that provide food to community members in need are eligible to receive food donations through SBC Food Rescue. Examples include senior centers, food pantries, low-income housing, and residential facilities. Click here to view a list of our current recipient organizations.

Organizations may need to register as a Limited Service Charitable Food Operation if their facility is not already a permitted food facility. You can read more about these requirements here.

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