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Santa Barbara County Food Rescue : a CEC program

What is the complete donation process for a food donor?

SBC Food Rescue uses Chowmatch to connect food donors with recipient organizations. Follow these steps to complete the donation process:

  1. Create a ChowMatch profile here.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email after your profile has been reviewed and approved (usually within 48 hours).
  3. “Schedule a food run” in ChowMatch. Requests will indicate how much and what type of food is being donated. Donors can also set recurring donations.
    • For temperature sensitive items, take a sample temperature.
    • Please add this temperature to the “Summary Description of Food” field (for example: “Chicken Soup- 38 degrees”).
  4. After submitting the donation, you will receive a confirmation that the “Food Run” has been scheduled.
  5. You will get a second confirmation once a volunteer/driver agrees to transport the food from the donor to recipient organization. This will include the driver’s contact information.
  6. Please remember to log in and cancel a “Food Run” if the donation is no longer available
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