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The Community Environmental Council is coordinating SBC Food Rescue, a collaborative food recovery network for Santa Barbara County with support from private, public, and nonprofit sectors. SBC Food Rescue builds relationships between donors with excess food and charitable organizations throughout the County to help address food insecurity and prevent good food from going to waste.


Our last donation from Bristol Farms was fantastic! We were given so many wonderful items. Our residents were very excited about these donations and chose 70 percent of the items within the first hour they were placed out. All of the food is being utilized. You have brought so much joy to our community.

Charlene Fletcher
Gardens on Hope

We operate on a budget of $31 per day for three meals per person. The donated food from Lazy Acres provides lunch for our residents; if we had to purchase food, it would greatly impact our organization’s ability to do what we do. These donations are instrumental to fulfill the mission of our organization.

Grant Dillon
New House II Manager

A primary focus of our treatment program is nutrition and promoting healthy eating habits. A lot of our patients attend four to six hours of programming so it’s really helpful for them to receive a nutritious meal instead of something that is not very healthy – and our clients love the food from Lazy Acres.

Jenny Gibson
Casa Serena Program Manager

On average, we have 30-35 clients at one time, and we provide meals for each of them. The donations from Lazy Acres help tremendously. It’s so great to see hungry clients who are in recovery or in rehab getting healthy.

Gil Ramirez
New House III General Manager

It is hard to find the right words to describe this wonderful thing you are doing, not just for Sarah House, but for so many others that are receiving a meal. I am certain that the giver is just as fulfilled as the receiver, if not perhaps even more.

You have found a way to protect those that have always wanted to give, but were concerned with finding themselves in a problem for just doing something good – feeding someone. Thank you for this great service. You are planting some amazing seeds, and touching many more people than you perhaps ever thought you would.

Paloma Espino
Sarah House Manager

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