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Thank you for completing the following survey. The information you share will be vital to creating a strong resilient countywide food recovery network that saves food and feeds people.

Through SBC Food Rescue, we connect restaurants, caterers, grocery stores and others who have excess food with charitable organizations that serve people in need, to help address food insecurity and keep good food out of the landfill.

The Community Environmental Council (CEC) has been contracted by eight local governments to help them to meet a new state law that requires certain food waste generators (grocery stores, large restaurants, etc) to donate their surplus food and track the amount of food being donated.

The first requirement of this state law is to conduct a Countywide Food Recovery Needs and Capacity assessment. This assessment will include an analysis of the capacity of local non-profits to receive and distribute recovered food, as well as a food waste analysis that will identify which food businesses are currently donating food and whether there are opportunities for new donations. To complete this State-required assessment, CEC is conducting outreach to all non-profits involved in charitable food distribution, as well as all Tier 1 and 2 food waste generators, as defined by Senate Bill 1383 Short- Lived Climate Pollutants Law (SB 1383).

If you would prefer to schedule a call to talk through the details of this survey, please email me with a few times that work for you.

Warm regards,


SBC Food Rescue Program Coordinator
Community Environmental Council
[email protected]

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